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I was going to bring up Media Player Classic, but someone beat me to it. I had no trouble running it on my weak laptop, it looks great, and it just works. For example, Windows DVD Player exclusively plays DVD-Video discs and nothing else. Summary: (optional)Count: 0 of 1,500 characters Add Your Review The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited.Click here to review our site terms of use. navigate here




This method can be called in any state and calling it does not change the object state.


{Prepared, Started, Paused, PlaybackCompleted}

{Idle, Initialized, Supports playback from files, discs, external devices. void setPlaybackParams(PlaybackParams params) Sets playback rate using PlaybackParams. Reply Raoul October 17, 2016 at 8:42 pm "Another big one is the ability to seek by searching for subtitle text!" Did you know that "seek" means search for? my response

Again, any advice or help would be peachy, mon!Thanks for whatever you could do, 'k? If VLC didn’t have such a strong brand name, I honestly think PotPlayer would probably stand in its place as king of the free media players. void setOnBufferingUpdateListener(MediaPlayer.OnBufferingUpdateListener listener) Register a callback to be invoked when the status of a network stream's buffer has changed. Other features include support for advanced subtitle formats, displaying multiple subtitles at the same time, online video streaming by URL, hardware acceleration with GPU, unlimited playback history (so if you quit

Playback can be paused via pause(). void pause() Pauses playback. More. Supports playback from files, discs, external devices.

For example, Windows Media Player has exclusive features for both audio and video material, although it cannot match the feature set of Media Player Classic and MediaMonkey combined. 3D video players[edit] int href="https://developer.android.com/reference/android/media/MediaPlayer.html#VIDEO_SCALING_MODE_SCALE_TO_FIT">VIDEO_SCALING_MODE_SCALE_TO_FIT Specifies a video scaling mode. Furthermore, the MediaPlayer objects created using new is in the Idle state, while those created with one of the overloaded convenient create methods are NOT in the Idle state. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html GNU/Linux Get VLC for Debian GNU/LinuxGet VLC for UbuntuGet VLC for MintGet VLC for openSUSEGet VLC for Gentoo LinuxGet VLC for FedoraGet VLC for Arch LinuxGet VLC for Slackware LinuxGet VLC

For video I used to use GOM player but now I've found that the player included in the K-Lite Mega Codec install is cool, Media Player Classic Home Cinema is the See the full list of features. to make it even more ridiculously useful and customizable. The term "media center" also refers to specialized computer programs designed to run on standard personal computers.[6] References[edit] ^ "3D Video Player". ^ "Stereoscopic Player". ^ 3D Video Converter ^ "Video

Reply ryan October 28, 2008 at 6:09 am The video you're playing in the VLC is hilarious! State Diagram Playback control of audio/video files and streams is managed as a state machine. Under all these error conditions, the internal player engine invokes a user supplied OnErrorListener.onError() method if an OnErrorListener has been registered beforehand via setOnErrorListener(android.media.MediaPlayer.OnErrorListener). Constant Value: -1010 (0xfffffc0e) MEDIA_INFO_BAD_INTERLEAVING Added in API level 3 int MEDIA_INFO_BAD_INTERLEAVING Bad interleaving means that a media has been improperly interleaved or not interleaved at all, e.g has all the

Calling this method in an invalid state transfers the object to the Error state.


{Prepared, Started, Stopped, Paused, PlaybackCompleted}

{Idle, Initialized, Error}

Successful invoke of this method in a check over here Thank You for Submitting a Reply, ! For example, as you resize the player, Bomi shows you the current video playback size up in the corner. To start the playback, start() must be called.

int href="https://developer.android.com/reference/android/media/MediaPlayer.html#getVideoHeight()">getVideoHeight() Returns the height of the video. void setAudioAttributes(AudioAttributes attributes) Sets the audio attributes for this MediaPlayer. You can also opt for Ax-Lite Video Player, which is a faster version with some of the features cut out. http://martop.net/media-player/media-player-7-0.html Read More .

Why that is I do not know. Except the hidden menus and that live streaming is disabled by default. Previous version had not this problem.

void setSurface(Surface surface) Sets the Surface to be used as the sink for the video portion of the media.

void setOnTimedMetaDataAvailableListener(MediaPlayer.OnTimedMetaDataAvailableListener listener) Register a callback to be invoked when a selected track has timed metadata available. Calling this method in an invalid state transfers the object to the Error state.


{Initialized, Stopped}

{Idle, Prepared, Started, Paused, PlaybackCompleted, Error}

Successful invoke of this method For all of this, VLC keeps its spot in our list of Best Windows Software The Best Windows Software The Best Windows Software Windows is swimming in a sea of free Home theater PC[edit] Main article: Home theater PC A home theater PC or media center computer is a convergence device that combines some or all the capabilities of a personal computer

The method itself is old enough, dating back to mid-19th century, but it is only with recent advances in computer technology that it has become possible to apply this kind of There is a subtle but important difference between a newly constructed MediaPlayer object and the MediaPlayer object after reset() is called. int getSelectedTrack(int trackType) Returns the index of the audio, video, or subtitle track currently selected for playback, The return value is an index into the array returned by getTrackInfo(), weblink Read more.

Microsoft's Personal Privacy/Security Problem, since June 28, 2001, when they settled with the US antitrust suit. Reply kyle August 6, 2009 at 6:05 pm i'm surprised you didn't add media monkey, how come? ConsAfter a while, it forgets some songs, or duplicates parts of albums, loses songs or whole albums and generally messes up your whole library.

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